Brand enhancement

Brand enhancement

Oasis works with a variety of partners to deliver mutually beneficial campaigns with significant commercial benefit as well as raising vital funds for our work.

We recognise that every business has unique strategic objectives, markets, audiences and visions for the future which is why we thrive on exploring common ground and developing innovative initiatives suitable for all parties.

Current examples


As a charity operating in 36 localities and reaching over 30,000 vulnerable people nationally, Oasis was identified by Starbucks as a real force for enterprise and an ideal partner for the Suspended Coffee scheme designed to enable Starbucks customers help impact their local communities by donating the price of a coffee.

We're proud to support Oasis in their work with vulnerable communities” – Simon Redfern, Communications Director Starbucks


Realising the potential for change being driven through Oasis UK and in particular its focus on youth entrepreneurship, Icap chose Oasis as one of their partnered charities during the 2014 charity trading day. Sending Lindsay Lohan as the celebrity ambassador to represent Oasis fed directly into their mission of maintaining a high profile.

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