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Employee engagement

Oasis, the Neighbourhood Charity operates a multi-Academy trust responsible for 47 academies reaching 21,000 youths, a housing provider reaching approx. 2,000 vulnerable adults and a community ‘hub’ provider reaching an additional 42,000 individuals.  This means we always have opportunities for your employees to engage in a programme aligned to your objectives.

Projects can be tailor designed to help staff develop leadership, professional and interpersonal skills as part of their career path.


Barclays - employment case study

Barclays have engaged with all areas of Oasis’ work including academies to deliver Life Skills and career building workshops, team challenges, fundraising events and team building days. Skills based volunteering is their focus, assisting Oasis UK capacity build through a hub ‘buddying’ system each with a local Barclays Ambassador.



Employee engagement case study - Starbucks

Oasis UK has contributed to the Starbucks target of achieving 1 million volunteer hours by the year 2015 through the facilitation of their Global Month of Service community support days. To date, the Starbucks team from H/Q in Chiswick have created a vegetable garden at Enfield Academy, planted flowers in Lambeth Park and installed fencing for the community farm in Waterloo.

For more information and to discuss opportunities please email Diana Nell - diana.nell@oasisuk.org 

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