Integrated services

A foodbank can help feed a family, but if that family remains in debt, the problems continue. A teacher can provide a young person with a great curriculum, but how can that young person truly be expected to thrive under it if their housing needs are unfulfilled? A health care worker can teach someone how to look after themselves, but how effective will that be if that someone doesn’t believe they are worth caring for?

In an Oasis community hub, every service that is delivered – be it foodbank, Academy, youth group, community church – is fully integrated. Through this joined up approach, professionals and volunteers can work together to ensure that a person’s needs are met holistically and not in a vacuum.

Changing lives at Oasis Waterloo

When Emma, a single Mum of two was struggling to feed her family she had no one to tell but her youngest child’s teacher at the local primary school run by Oasis. After a few phone calls, Emma had received support from the nearby foodbank, also run by Oasis. But that wasn’t the end of the story. As volunteers at the foodbank got to know Emma they realised that part of her problem was her level of debt, causing her significant financial pressure. Emma was introduced to a volunteer case worker at the Oasis Debt Advice Centre who worked with her to consolidate her finances and plot her journey out of debt. During this time, Emma also joined the community organised by the Oasis church, helping her forge new relationships and receiving extra support. Over time, Emma even became a volunteer herself at the Oasis Foodbank.

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