Mission and Impact

Our vision is for community – a place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential.

The Oasis Community Hub model brings together and integrates all our work in a local community to ensure that people’s needs are addressed holistically.  In a local community we deliver services and partner with others to provide integrated care and support to all, across our core themes of community development, education, housing, advice and support, personal and spiritual development, health and wellbeing and social action & campaigning. 

However, we are not primarily a service provider. We seek to become part of the community and to put relationship and connection at the heart of all that we do. We therefore work with and alongside local people to bring about change.

The impact of our work is assessed against three core outcomes: Empowered Individuals, Empowered Communities and Empowered Society.


Empowered individuals

Individuals that Oasis works with can reach their God-given potential in life. They:

  • Have good character: are compassionate, joyful, considerate, patient and persevering, honest, forgiving, humble, hopeful and self-controlled
  • Are able to achieve their educational and vocational potential
  • Are confident in who they are and can be
  • Are safe and feel safe
  • Have good levels of health and well-being
  • Can build healthy, positive and inclusive relationships with those around them
  • Have a sense of identity and connection with their community and the wider world
  • Can explore their spirituality and have a faith position

Empowered communities

Empowered communities: Communities that Oasis works in are characterised by:

  • High quality education – with schools that are good or outstanding
  • Opportunity – in terms of employment, volunteering and local enterprise
  • Good, integrated and sustainable local services – whether delivered by Oasis or other local agencies
  • Safety – low levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and bullying and resilience to people trafficking
  • Good health – low levels of addiction, obesity and teenage pregnancy and good levels of life expectancy
  • Appropriate housing provision and homelessness support
  • Cohesion and integration – communities where individuals feel included, connected and supported and in which they feel happy and proud to live

Empowered society

In order to help impact and transform societies in every country in the world, Oasis:

  • enables and encourages positive change in communities in which it does not work directly – through partnerships, by influencing public policy 
  • encourages positive societal and spiritual change by seeking to work with others to replicate the Oasis community model

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